Let me take you trough simple real word example how digital marketing work in our real world on daily basis, it can be bored you, because this can be your story

One of my good friend Sanjay live in Delhi, He is a professor at Delhi university earning good and single, He use internet like No one for his daily needs

Today as he wakes up, He got a Notification “Wow 70% Off on Swiggy to order breakfast from his favourite restaurant” Lucky day Huhh. Actually, that is called Personification Marketing, now he is ready to do his daily activity,

He likes Read news everyone, Due to COVID-19 No newspaper, so he is doing this now a days online, he was reading news from Online news website, and his eyes stopped at on Animation 50% OFF on his Favourite laptop, “” That animation was a form of Display marketing “” 

What he Just got remembered Today is His Girlfriend birthday, He start thinking she goanna kill him, before calling her …he just searched “order flowers online”  .. add saw add “online flower delivery in Delhi” And that “Ad.” almost saved his life ..That was SEM(Search Engine marketing)

Now he just got remembered today he need to buy new laptop for his sister, he search google “Good laptop for Student”  Search result

Sanjay is little active on Facebook and His sister Monika few days told him to join Digital deepak internship, Sanjay is Person like everyone! For GF everything but for sis lot of Question, So he himself joined Digital Deepak Fakebook Group 


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